Geriatric Nutrition/
Healthy Eating Program

Our caregivers at CareTime are well versed in planning healthy meals and snacks that are easy to prepare

Our caregivers work to provide nutritional choices for diabetics, cardiac and renal clients. We realize that many clients are interested in eating well, however; many are unable to accomplish it alone. A stroll through the Saturday morning farmers market can be both enjoyable and work to interest your loved one in increasing their intake of freshly prepared fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats into their diets. We work with their likes and dislikes to assist them in planning and preparing healthy meals and snacks.

Many of our elderly clients attempt to sustain themselves on frozen, prepackaged meals which are laden with salt, sugar, and fats.

Others will find themselves at the local fast food restaurant eating off the dollar menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Still others snack on prepackaged foods or only receive a “Meals on Wheels” dinner 5 days per week.

We can provide a concierge style service with a 4 hour minimum for this purpose one to three days per week. if you are concerned about the nutritional soundness of your loved ones diet.

The smell of fresh baked cookies or a hearty soup on the stove is a sure way to initiate an appetite. Cooking food is an excellent stimulus for dementia patients as well.

Adding smoothies made from Ensure, Boost or other supplemental items assist in adding much needed protein, vitamins and minerals to their diet.

We also recommend Doing Dinner, located in Ocala.

They prepare fresh meals and have a new menu each month. Seasonal favorites, hearty chili’s, casseroles, meatloaf, chicken Marcella to name a few. They are not low sodium specific, they are prepared according to normal dietary guidelines. But are very good and the “micro-meals” are an easy way to provide for a sound meal with ease.