Companion Care

Our sitter/companions are the bridge to independence for many elderly clients.

When you choose our personal care aides to spend 4-6 hours per day several times per week, or even 7 days per week that may provide the safety net to allow elderly loved ones to remain in their homes.  They provide assistance with errands, doctor and other appointments, grocery shopping, meal preparation, medication assistance, personal hands on care, pet care, as well as general environmental oversights. They can even accompany the elderly client on trips, weddings, and family vacations.   Many clients are able to remain at this level of service, with their same caregiver, for many years. Our companion care is provided by licensed nursing assistants and certified home health aides, because we believe medical eyes on elderly clients with nursing backup is best practice.

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At the start of care or as the client continues to decline, a few modifications may be in order