Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Around the Clock Care is Our Specialty

We are specifically experienced in working with Alzheimer’s/ Dementia clients at all stages of the disease process. Our RN Geriatric Care Manager is also a certified Alzheimer’s trainer and is available to provide education, encouragement and referrals regarding valuable resources, activities and support organizations, to make this journey less stressful. We work to be a support system every step of the way.

Our creative caregivers provide activities for client’s such as, art, cooking, playdough, busy blankets (families can purchase on Amazon – or elder, picture books, family photo album sessions, walks outside, foot massages, aromatherapy with calming essential oils and other relaxing, stimulating activities to clients life preferences.


  • CareTime care providers are specifically experienced in the care of Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients
  • Families often have no experience to care for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. We provide support not only with our amazing caregivers, that can start in the early stages and remain through end of life care, but, also with education, assistance on where to find necessary items for care, referrals to local resources that are helpful through the entire journey.

Alzheimer's Care Initiatives

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CareTime goes the extra mile to assure our dementia caregivers have specific training and prior documented experience with Alzheimer’s and dementia clients. Many have been with CareTime more than five years and we are continually amazed at the wonderful care they give and the grateful reviews from clients’ families. You will be amazed at the capacity for love and patience that our care providers can give for your loved one and their families struggling with this disease.

Take care of yourself; be patient, Get HELP when you need it! Try imagining what it would be like if your every thought was hijacked into a maze of random stimuli and confusion was the only destination. Your loved one may remember to put food in their mouth but forget to chew, and then forget to swallow. They may walk to a door and be fearful of walking through it. Sequencing becomes very difficult, the brain scrambles and re routes the thought patterns.