Care Time of Florida Services

One of the most frequently asked questions: "Where would you like to be cared for?"

Answer nearly always given: "At home"

Try for yourself, begin asking the elderly in your life and at the facilities you visit where they would choose to be cared for?

Listen to the answer they give, we can make it happen for them and for you!......

It’s difficult to know where to begin. So much information all looks similar, where do you turn? The good news is that with CareTime, you do not have to be an expert to be a good caregiver. We can help provide the “right care at the right time”, to help you manage your loved ones situation while maintaining your own peace of mind in the process. Our certified and trained Geriatric Care Managers will be there for you every step of the way. Follow up can be done daily, weekly and monthly as needed to ensure that your loved one is being properly cared for and that their wish to remain at home is honored. We provide the support you need. Working hand in hand with local resources, families, clients and their personal physicians.