Personal Care Services

CareTime is a non medical in home elder care management service committed to provide concierge personal services. You are in charge of your care. We build a careplan around your wishes, requests and needs. Our schedule adapts to your schedule.

Help with driving and errands

We provide dignified support in private matters. Our caregivers are always under the direction of their RN case manager, following a careplan specifically written for your loved ones specific needs and wishes.

As a client and family member or loved one of CareTime you will have 24 hour access to our secure family room (see link). This enables you to log on anytime and see all notes, times and care provided to your loved one and any notes, reports or comments concerning their care.

Personal care assistance can mean many things to many people. Our goal is to provide the best of care to your loved ones with a team of caregiving professionals that create a culture of caring for your aging loved ones.