Medication Management

Medication management is a critical safety area for the elderly. CareTime Elder Care Management Services will monitor medications with RN oversight as needed.
Medication Management

If the family members are filling med reminder boxes our caregivers are all certified in “Assisting with Medication Administration” and they will provide the reminders to be sure compliance and thus stability is achieved.

Many of our elderly have great difficulty managing their medication regimen. Many times each trip to the hospital or MD changes the regimen and if you add up the average number of prescriptions a person in their eighty’s takes it is eight . Then if half of them are two times to three daily, plus inhalers, creams, patches, powders , over the counter vitamins and supplements, you can see how easy it would be to get confused. Our RN care managers will evaluate the situation, reconcile the current medication regimen with the physician, contact the pharmacy place refill orders then inform you and your loved ones of the options. We will also give you a detailed explanation of what each medication is for, what side effects to look for and report to the physician. If our caregivers see any areas for concern they contact the RN for MD interventions.

Phillips Home Safety Medication SystemCareTime works with Phillips home safety technology. We can facilitate the Phillips medication system and oversee the monthly fills. See the video link for additional information. This system with the RN oversight is an affordable way to keep your loved one compliant with complicated medication regimens, thus keeping them stable and feeling their best.
Help oversee medication management