Geriatric Care

At CareTime, Elder Care Management Services, we understand the dilemma that often occurs with the realization that our loved ones are no longer able to remain safely in their own homes.

It is sometimes a subtle loss of ability to perform activities of daily living that were once simple, or a rapid decline that triggers a family meeting!

Geriatric Care

Our team of certified RN care managers, licensed nursing assistants, home health aides and others are trained to provide the compassionate, competent care you would expect for your loved ones. Our caregivers are in tune with the subtle changes, which can lead to bigger issues. They are experts at recognizing and reporting areas of concern to their RN case manager who will then take it to the client’s personal physician.

This is in addition to their years of experience. It’s always better to have trained “eyes” on your loved one.

Our caregiving team has a “calling” to work with the elderly. Their mission is to facilitate a culture of caring, by providing the special touches, like reading aloud, walks outdoors on beautiful days, gentle massages of feet with personal care, music, arts and crafts, playing cards and games, working puzzles, light gardening, preparing or assisting with favorite meals or dessert, Assisting with internet connections to family and friends that are far away or across town, assisting them with gift purchases for loved ones on that special day, or just interesting quality conversation during their time with your loved one.

We continue the assist them to enjoy the little gifts in life that are important to them. When your loved one requires additional support to remain safely in their own home, consider CareTime, Elder Care Management Services. “Right Care, Right Time!