End of Life Care

CARETIME Elder Care Management Services non-medical in-home private care has years of experience with hospice and end of life issues. Often time’s families are thrust into an end of life situation with little or no training to deal with the process. It is stressful, emotional and there seem to be more questions than answers.

End of life care

Our certified RN case manager can help you and your family navigate the maze of choices and confusion as well as assist with care of the client as it quickly becomes a 24 hour endeavor. We have a specially trained end of life team that works hand in hand with the local hospice when the home hospice option is chosen.

We hope you are not faced with a sad and difficult decision but when an end of life issue arises in your family isn’t it nice to know you can have the expertise of RN care management oversight as well as care assistance with your loved one to supplement the hospice services.

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