Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of services does CareTime Provide?
A: CareTime Elder Care Management Services provides in home non-medical personal care services. We believe that people prefer to be at home vs. moving into a facility. Our caregivers create a culture of caring and safety. They assist with fall prevention, medication management, proper nutrition and hydration, light housekeeping, shopping and personal care/grooming needs. All of our caregivers follow a care plan specifically designed by the client and family under the direction of an Certified RN Case Manager. This is the clear advantage for non- medical in home assistance.
Q: Can we also hire a caregiver to assist our loved ones in a facility?
A: YES! And this is a great thing to provide for your loved one whether they are in a hospital setting or need some special assistance in a facility.
Q: Why do you utilize Certified Nursing Assistants/Home Health Aides vs. unlicensed sitters?
A: Our owner is an RN Certified Case Manager with 30 years of geriatric experience. She believes it is always best to have a trained eye on an elderly person. The subtle changes that can lead to big problems are less likely when the caregiver has a good solid base of medical knowledge, And an RN to oversee and act on their concerns. This way as your loved one ages and their condition changes, they are less likely to spend time in the hospital or have a need to move to another venue for their care.
Q: How do we access this service?
A: Simply call the office, at (352) 624-0570, and our RN Case Manager will set up a face to face visit at your convenience same day or within 24 hours. She will perform a home safety assessment, gather pertinent information and requested services along with preferences on caregiver, diet, errands, lists of appointment and physicians. This will start the process and the handpicked caregiver will be on duty according to your wishes and requests. This is a private pay concierge service. The finest caregivers in Florida walk through your door with CARETIME.

**** We are locally owned and operated; not a franchise, we can make decisions based on your needs and wishes, not the policy of a large corporation in another state.!

Q: How does the cost of an in home caregiver compare to that of an assisted living facility?? ?
A: Our experience has been that the average cost for CareTime is about 1/3 the cost of an Assisted Living Facility and less than 1/4 of what skilled care would cost. Plus the added benefit of keeping your loved ones at home. Many times our loved ones are able to remain safe at home without around the clock supervision. There are many options that our experienced case managers can present to allow your loved one to age in place safely no matter what their level of need is. We utilize technology and people to create a patient driven plan. CareTime also works hand in hand with local Home Health Agencies, Hospice and many other organizations to bring in all the necessary care and equipment for maintaining safety at home. Many of these options are covered 100% by Medicare; Hourly private duty care is private pay, but may also be covered in whole or part by Long Term Care Insurance if the client has such a policy. Our care managers are experts at creating a perfect plan for your loved ones.
Q: My Dad is not happy at the ACLF and wants to return to his home. Can your RN meet with him and evaluate the situation for us so that we can be assured he will be successful at home?
A: Believe it or not this is a common occurrence, especially with seniors that are still independent and want to eat and do other things on their own schedule, not the regimented schedule of a facility. We have successfully transitioned many seniors from a facility to home. Some have even come back home when they have surpassed the level of care that an assisted living facility offers. This is not always possible but we will make appropriate assessments and recommendations to find the right solution for your loved ones.